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Valentine's Day

We here at Babes with Blades are always wanting to help out our fans any way we can and to that end, we've dug up some interesting news. Cupid, that flying spokesman for the season has actually little to do with romance in the way that usually costs you a pay check's worth of goods to ensure the possibility of a "romantic encounter" with your significant other. In actuality the little bugger was known in Roman mythology as Cupido... that's Latin for "Desire" and was the god of "erotic love". That's right, we're not talking about that starry-eyed, head in the clouds romance novel stuff that some gals just can't get enough of, but good old, down to earth "Making Whoopie" and making loads of it!
This has been a public service announcement from the folks here at Babes with Blades who believe that if more folks were having a good time, the world would be a more fun place to live in. Hey, give it a try and prove us wrong.
Now we've got seven Heavenly Bodies for you to check out and we're not talking Astronomy here so please check out our Valentine's Day Babes of 2008 and enjoy!