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The Page that started it All...

Way back in the early days of the Internet, the lady who would become our Production Manger suggested that the BladeMaster should post pictures of his collections of swords and other assorted Sharp Things up for all to see. Since pictures of other people's collections are about as exciting to look at as your neighbor's vacation slides of their trip to Redbone, Montana not much was thought of it. She then suggested she get the girls from the belly dancing class she was in to pose with them. Ah-ha! Human interest! We immediately knew we had a hit on our hands and after several long nights of brain storming for a name for this new site she came up with another winner. Just say what the site is all about... Babes with Blades, and a new web site was born.

Another unfortunate, but ultimately happy circumstance pointed us in our dedicated direction. Due to a misunderstanding about what the site was going to be about, she was terminated (most severely) from the group she had been with for 10 years. It was thought this was going to be (and we quote), "A kinky S&M sex site".  Nope, they missed the mark by miles on that one, this is just a wonderfully crazy excuse for getting together with people for some really fun photo sessions and it gives the BladeMaster a really great excuse to buy more swords for his collection.

We set a standard that we wouldn't show any more skin than you can already see in body lotion ads in women's magazines, no blood & gore and no sex... although we aren't afraid to get really sensual from time to time. We also didn't want this to be a site where all you see are late teens/early twentys models who are under fed and over enhanced. Nope, this is a site with real ladies with real figures with ages right up to the 60's because we think a Babe is a Babe regardless. Some people have voiced their complaints about this, to which our Production Manager said, "Fine, they can go back to playing with their sister's Barbie Dolls"... (ouch!) However, the majority of you fans out there have told us you appreciate seeing real women on the Internet and we appreciate your enjoyment of our site.  So to that, we very proudly present  to you the web site we call...

Babes with Blades

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