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Lady Peri

A blast from the past. Say "Hello" to a lost Babe from Scarborough 2002. Lady Peri. Trained at court, but seeking something in her life a bit more exciting, she took up with a local band of pirates where her knowledge of political backstabbing has helped her along with her new career path. As enjoyable as this was, she soon realized that the real money was to be made in running a tavern where said pirates could go after a long day's pillaging to unwind and offer up their hard earned and ill-gotten gold for tankards of ale and "entertainment". As a tavern owner, she became quite rich and successful with innovations such as "Wenches Night" and the popular Thursday's "Peg Legs Drink for Half Price" night. Eventually she started the first tavern franchise and soon there was one of her taverns in every port and pirate cove. This made our Lady very rich, indeed.
Now, as for our man, Jackie Chan, she said she hadn't had too much time to watch many of his movies while boarding  merchant ships or running her tavern empire, however thinks he's one crazy guy.