It Mardi Gras time again here at Babes with Blades!

You've just got to love a street celebration that's so big it lasts for weeks and ends up in one big knock-down-drag-out-no survivor party with music, booze, beads and flashing ... ummm... well, you know.

We've always wanted to go and check this out ourselves, but schedules being what they are (and money being tight) we can never make it down to New Orleans just like  most of you.

However we can do the next best thing.... throw a photo shoot with music, booze, beads and our own Mardi Gras theme. It's to help  Dental Awareness Month, so we told the girls to-

"Show Us Your Total Incredibly Terrific Smile!"

But that was a bit too long so we shortened it to:

"Show Us Your T.I.T.S."
Gee... we bet you thought that meant something else, didn't you? )

In this set we'd like you to welcome back a young lady we haven't had in our studio for some time... Tryphyna, and would also like to introduce to you a "newbie" in our group... Amara as well as Kahlynn and Lady D. whom you met on this year's Valentine's page!

So what are you sitting there for, click on over and check out the lovely ladies who hang out on the street corner, heavily armed and smiling for beads with our Babes of Mardi Gras 2011!


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