Holiday Photo Sessions in Full Swing

Blast! I see that I haven't posted anything in almost a month. Bad BladeMaster! Bad! OK, sorry, but it's the holiday season and things are crazy here just like we know it is around your place. Decorating seven trees, the fireplace the stair railing, hanging Santa hats on all the swords on the walls (what? ) and everything else needed to get the place in a festive mood. *Add to that some much need home improvements around here and you can see why we haven't been too talkative lately. However, fear not, we have been quite busy getting many awesome pictures of many awesome ladies taken for our upcoming Holiday pages. Wait! Did we say pages... plural? Yep., we did. It seems that this new database centered system we are now using can bog down rather a lot when we stack up 300+ pictures for it to load. This is a little problem that has come to our attention and we're going to see what can be done in the near future to speed things up a bit, but in the mean time the easiest thing we can do is to cut the size of the files down a bit like we did for Halloween. So we're going to try and keep the number of pictures in each album down to a manageable limit to speed up your viewing pleasure. We know you're going to enjoy this years pictures, just think of it as our Christmas gift to all you fans out there.


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