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You know, some times you just live right. Camera Guy was at a party several weeks ago when the folks from the Wild Wolf Forge came up and told him that they were going to start selling a line of custom made chain mail and would he mind taking some pictures of models wearing it? Mind? Taking pictures of gals wearing chain mail? Of course not! (Duh!) If you folks out there remember, this whole web site was originally to be called "Chicks in Chain Mail" until the title was taken for a series of books.
So say hello to the wonderful Renee. Although not being a swordswoman at heart, she looks perfectly awesome with these blades. She's a pro-model whose activities in the off times of her busy schedule are body building, sports and scuba diving. As for our usual question about Jackie Chan, she simply asks, "Can he be any greater?" We agree. And now, for your enjoyment... Renee!