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Ooh-la-la & a Yo-ho-ho! Please welcome to our wonderful pages the French pirate known to all as Antoinette! A well traveled lass, she was captured by pirates in Corsica and raised in the ways of the buccaneers.  Now the captain of her own ship, she prowls the seven seas for unsuspecting ships that she boards, ties it's crew to the mast and then forces them to take... French Lessons! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Ahem... bit over the top? 'Scuse me. Where was I?... oh yeah.... This is really one lass whose sharp looks you could really lose your head over! When asked about our favorite action guy, Jackie Chan, she replied through an interpreter that  she thought he was cute and had a great smile.  Somehow we think that Jackie would enjoy taking his French lessons from her.

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