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Lady Octavia

Lady Octavia is a wanderer and healer.  From the dawn of her existence, she has been a independent and proud spirit.  From as far back as she can remember, she's always loved nature and all of the beauty that can be found within it.  Constantly cautious and aware of  her surroundings, if ever Octavia or someone she's close to was in peril, she wouldn't hesitate to do whatever was necessary to defend against the foe.  This comes easy to the Lady since her family lineage is not only human, but also fairy and,,, vampire! Using both her magical and physical abilities, she would fight however was necessary until the danger ceased.
For now, though, she is enjoying the seasonal holidays for this mortal world. Some parties, some presents and maybe even a Jackie Chan movie or two. When we asked her about Jackie she said, "Love him!  He's funny as hell, and has a great personality!"