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Mardi Gras 2007

Yep, once again it's that time of year to party in the streets till they turn the fire hoses on you... Mardi Gras! The biggest, happiest, noisiest, drunkest street riot in the world next to (but only by a little) Carnival in Rio. Other cities may claim to have their own celebrations of Fat Tuesday, but everyone knows to truly experience Mardi Gras you go to where it all started... New Orleans. Unfortunately, not everyone can go to where you can watch an elaborate parade, stunning floats, outrageous masks & costumes, college girls flashing themselves for beads and drunks staggering around with their $5 Hurricanes... and all of that is just what's going on in the hotel lobby... the REAL party is going on outside! So for those of you both stateside and overseas who can't make it down there and think your local cops may get a bit upset if you stand on the street corner with a handful of plastic beads shouting at the girls passing by, "Show me your... (ahem), er, charms!", then we've got something to put a broad smile on your face we call...

Mardi Gras Bead Babes of 2007!