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Research scientist by day, Belly Dancer by night and frequent forays into magic, fire-eating and vampirism (see her as Lady Cassandra). Can your fantasy measure up to Shanna’s reality? Those who attempt to waste this Red-haired Amazon’s time with mundanities will find themselves on the wrong end of a scimitar, torch or right cross.

Hardy souls seeking out the elusive Russet Shanna would do well to stake out Middle Eastern Restaurants or a certain university. Honest worship of this Fiery Goddess is always rewarded, but don’t be surprised if she responds to mere observation with a well-polished dagger.

This awesome Babe agreed to work with us on a Theme Project that we entitled... and you're gonna love it... "I Feel Naked Without My Sword". (Thought you'd enjoy that.) In the very near future, we hope to add more lovely ladies to this Theme so that we can open a page just for them. In the mean time we hope you will enjoy these slightly naughty, but oh so nice pictures of Miss Shanna heavily armed and wearing not much more than that beautiful smile of hers.