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Halloween 2005

It's time again for that strangest of Holidays of the strange... Halloween! A time when we put on costumes, go to wild parties and try to scare the snot out of little kids who ring our doorbells begging for candy (hey, we grown-ups gotta have a little fun, too, you know). 
This year we've got a real treat for all you tricksters out there.
We call them our "Glamorous, Ghostly, Graveyard Gals". Four frightfully fantastic photo-sets of our hauntingly lovely ladies guarding the moonlit mausoleums and creepy crypts of local cemeteries. These are some of the most Boo-tiful gals who ever clawed their way out of six feet of dirt. But not to worry, they're just here to party.
Hey, Ghouls just want to have fun! (Ok, sorry about that one, but please enjoy the pictures.)