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Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day again! Yep, that time when all you guys suddenly wake up and realize you need to run out and buy those flowers, that candy and the all important card for that someone special in your lives... especially if you don't want to catch hell for forgetting about it. Well we here at Babes with Blades want to do our part in helping you remember and setting a romantic mood with plenty of sharp weaponry and awesomely romantic looking ladies and maybe a surprise pair of Hooters!
So dim the lights, pour a couple of glasses of wine, dust off that old romantic set of tunes you've been saving for a special occasion and cuddle up with that someone special as you enjoy...
Lady Octavia, Myschif, Mynx, Phae, Chance, Tempest, Neko, Farasha, Isilaerian and Foxglove... our

Valentine's Babes of 2009!