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Scarby 2002

Yes it's that time of year in Texas again, the flowers are blooming, the tornados are tossing trailer homes about and Scarborough Faire is back. Now before you get the idea that we here at Babes with Blades are the types who enjoy dressing up in a somewhat period costume and go about speaking in quotes from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", well... you'd be partially right. Some of our staff have been known in the past to dress the part and Ohshee still puts on his ninja outfit and tries to sneak in (he got caught twice last year). The rest of us just go casual and Camera Guy's idea of a costume is a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of shorts (from the Polynesian Renaissance period). The real reason we go, of course, is where else besides certain areas of California will you find so many beautify ladies who want to pose with beautiful weaponry? Hot damn we love our job!  (Now id we could only get paid to do it.)