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4th of July 2006

Attention all lovers of Bladed Babes out there, both Stateside and Overseas...
Do we ever have a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy of a photo set with Farasha, Tempest, Vivienne, Lady Octavia and even a special "Mystery Babe" who all agreed to pose for us and for you! To all the hard working and hard fighting Guys (& Gals, too) in the service, this is what the 4th of July means around here. Picnics, apple pie and awesome Babes with sharp steel in hand wearing a bikini or just wrapped in a towel by the pool. Hey, if that don't say "America" then we don't know what else could!
The gals all agree that you guys have their permission to "go Medieval on their ass" if that's what it takes to get back home!
Happy 4th of July, everyone from Babes with Blades!