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Please join me in welcoming our latest member of the pack... Rainwolf. In her own words she say says, "She is a wandering elemental priestess of a very esoteric order, and is highly trained in various forms of magick, martial arts and weapons. She is a Guardian Wolf, a very high and mysterious rank within the upper priestesshood. Rainwolf is a loner; she arrives alone and leaves alone. However, she never forgets those she has left and makes it known that she will do terrible things to those that even touch "her pack". Not only that, but she can make a really awesome lasagna, too!
As for the Chan man, she simply said, "Rainwolf loves, I mean LOVES, Jackie Chan! She would love to know what Jackie knows. And she could go on all day about how awesome he is, his moves, his creativity, his style, his butt... for an older guy, Jackie has really nice buns... Rainwolf really admires Jackie Chan, to put it mildly. We think that means she kinda likes him ;-)