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The Twins

We are proud to introduce to everyone the latest in our collection of wickedly sharp and deadly fashion accessories...
The Twins.
We don't mind admitting that the inspiration for these lovelies are the arm blades worn by the video game character, BloodRayne. Sadly, unlike the fantasy blades in that game, these do not swivel around and lock back like a huge folding knife. We tried to figure out how to do it, but it just couldn't be done safely and economically. Hey folks, that's why it's called a "fantasy game". Instead, we worked with the folks from Wild Wolf Forge for overall looks and balance and came up with these wonderful accents to just about any outfit our models choose to wear... or not to wear ;-)
From time to time the Twins may get a makeover or two, but we think you will agree that they are a wonderful addition to our site's collection. Please enjoy these and all their future sets!