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Miss Terrie

Her name says it all, this gal is a mystery to us, we just turned around and there she was. While shooting her pictures, she told us that she was a modern day Barbarian who specialized in Vampire Slaying. (Hmmm... we think that "Buffy" has some competition.) This Babe also told us that it was no trick that she was a such a treat since her birthday was on Halloween. She had just finished telling us that she thought that Jackie Chan was pretty cool when we turned around to get another sword for her to pose with, but when we turned back around... she was gone. We asked the Angel Sword staff if they had seen where the awesome redhead had gone and just looked at us and said, "Who?" All this was too strange for Skippy, Moriarty & Ohshee, they hid out in one of the pubs for the rest of the day.