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Mardi Gras

It's time to throw your most outrageous party down in New Orleans. We talking parades, drinking, floats, drinking, loud jazz all night long, drinking, people tossing cheap plastic beads to a crowd that is only a little more orderly than a full scale riot... and drinking (naturally). To top that off, you've got scores of the most beautiful women trying to get your attention for those beads by any means possible... is this a great city or what?! Well if your pocket book is as bare as ours, you ain't down on Bourbon Street with all those beautiful ladies. DO NOT WORRY!! We here at Babes with Blades got you covered with over 5 dozen new pictures of our Lovely Lethal Ladies with Beads, Blades and (in Farasha's case) Bazooka shells... we're trying to diversify.
So crank up some Dixieland Jazz on your IPod, grab a cold one and enjoy Farasha, Foxglove, Isilaerian, Chance, Neko, Phae, Myschif, Mynx and Lady Octavia our Bead Babes of 2009!