2004 Galleries


What can we say about our dear Sebastienne... except that she goes beyond AWESOME! She was introduced to us by the more than lovely Lilith who asked if we though we'd like to take a few pictures of her. One look at this lady and Camera Guy immediately grabbed both of his cameras and it took me (Web Guy), the BladeMaster AND our Production Manager to lock our trouble causing trio of Skippy, Moriarty and Ohshee into the attic to keep them from drooling on the equipment. (We eventually did let them out... didn't we?)
In her own words, she's just a gal from a small village just outside of Nice, France who always enjoyed beautiful weaponry more than jewelry even as a little girl. She then became a student of the lovely Lilith (who we can not thank enough for introducing her to us) and also is on her way to becoming an accomplished photographer, herself.
As for our usual question about Jackie Chan, Sebastienne admits to being a bigger fan of the grand master, Bruce Lee and says, "If Bruce was alive, he'd take Jackie down so fast that people would want their money back". We have to agree.
Now, before we get to her pictures (your ARE reading this, aren't you?) we just wanted to let you know that Sebastienne  is a very expressive lady. That means that her picture sets are a touch more "open"  than others we have taken before. I know, I know... some of you out there are shouting, "It's about time!" Well remember, this site is about Fantasy Art, Beautiful Ladies and Shiny Weapons. If the site of a little bare skin (but still, no naughty bits) offends you then please go find something else to be offended by; like war, hunger, disease and , oh yes, rampant stupidity. Now THAT'S offensive.
OK, am I getting a bit too wordy? You bet! So how about we get to the photo sets of the awesome