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We first met the lovely Natasha Fatale (no, she doesn't hang around with a guy named Boris) about two years ago out at Scarborough when we were doing our Staff Outing pictures. She had agreed to pose with our Babes with Blades Staff and then left before we could get her name.
This year, Camera Guy was just finishing a photo set with yet another new Babe when he looked up and saw this wonderful vision of shiny loveliness. He shouted to Sword Guy, "The gal in the armor, get her!" and Jeff was out of the booth like a shot. The next thing we knew, he was back with not one, but two Babes, Natasha and her friend Misti.
Natasha is still a bit of a mystery to us, although we found out that she is a world traveler (that's why we didn't see her last year) and that she likes shiny and sharp things. Our kind of gal. She also thinks that our guy, Jackie Chan, is quite attractive.

Armored and awesome it took us two years to get more pictures of this fantastic Babe. We think she's worth the wait. Say hello (finally) to Natasha Fatale.