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Scarby 2001

The Staff of Babes with Blades has long been big fans of the local Renaissance Fair know as Scarborough Faire. After working long and hard on a special picture with a blade purchased the year before from a seller out there whom we will not name (see "Reflections of Power") we proudly presented it to the staff at that booth... and were promptly blown off and snubbed. Feeling a bit dejected (and more than a little pissed) we walked over to the Angel Sword booth to look over their awesome stock. When one of their sales crew (Jeff, by name) asked why were a bit down we explained what happened and what we were trying to do with our web site. Jeff then called over the owner and creator of Angel Sword, Master Daniel  and explained things. Take pictures of beautiful women holding our swords? Sure! Come on back and get started! They then began grabbing (literally) several gals and putting swords in their hands. Before we knew it we were happily busy taking hundreds of pictures in their booth and posting them to the web site and have kept up a great relationship with them for years ever since and we are now also proud owners of several of these pieces of extremely sharp art.

Hey, you other guys... big mistake!