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4th of July

Happy 232nd Birthday America!
And what better way to celebrate than with Picnics, Cookouts, Parades, Fireworks and great friends!
We've got an awesome collection of Babes to help you celebrate this birthday with and since July is National Bikini Month (really!) we've got some great All-America Gals posing in them for you. So get ready, set and go enjoy these pictures!
**By the way... for those of you who have always wondered, the tune that is always played for the fourth,"Yankee Doodle" was originally composed by one of the British during the Revolutionary War to mock the Colonials. In the mid-1700's an outlandish style of dress that came from Italy was made popular in England and was nicknamed "Macaroni". The tune was to insinuate that the Colonials were so backwards that they would think that by merely adding a feather to their hat it would now be stylish. When news of this slam came back over to the Americans they did what we do best, we tossed it right back in the faces of the British by adopting it as our own. It's even said that at the British surrender at Yorktown the American band played "Yankee Doodle"! So the next time you hear this tune, don't think it's about some poor dope who can't tell the difference between feathers and pasta, but it's really about the proud America tradition of looking our adversaries in the eye and shouting,
"Up yours, Jack! We're alright!"