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Not to be confused with "Xena, Warrior Princess" the leather clad likes thereof you may find on our tribute to the Fantasy Babes page. Or even "Zima, the Lighter more Refreshing Warrior Princess" ( sorry, inside joke ).
No, this Princess comes to us from the world of Corporate Fitness where she manages a gym and teaches Aerobic Classes as well as being a full time Mom. She is also a Professional Fitness Competitor, meaning that our photo session wasn't the first time she was pumping some heavy iron... just the first time it had a sharp edge on it. She enjoys working out, playing sports and just about anything else that will get her out in the sun.  She told us she really liked the feeling of power she got from working with the swords, but as you will see, we think that she has a special something going for that Axe.
As for our question about Jackie Chan... she thinks he's a cool, unique guy and a wanna-be comedian.