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Unlike most of the great ladies we got to meet out at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Freya happens to live up near where our base of operations (and Moriarty's trailer home) is located. A few weeks ago we called her up and asked if we could come out her way for another photo session and this time would she like to pose with her own Angel Sword blade. She said sure, come on out and in less than an hour we were mystically transported to the mysterious Midguardian forest with this Nordic princess... 
OK, it was the wooded lot out back of the coffee shop where she works. So who cares? This gal could make standing in the middle of a landfill an enchanting experience. See for yourself.

The sword Freya is holding is another one of Master Daniel's creations. The hilt is made of bone and red corral and the sword is decorated with three opals. When we asked if her blade had been given a name, she just smiled and said, "Yes, it's Mine". The other blade she is holding is also another one of Master Daniel's creations.