2001 Galleries

Sandy Feet

Everyone! Say a great big Babes with Blades "Hello" to Sandy. Her real name is actually Lucinda, but down on South Padre Island, Texas she's known as Sandy Feet. Why that name you ask? Because Sandy happens to be one of the premier sculptors in a rather unique medium... sand. Some artists work in oils, some with clay, but Miz Feet enjoys working with sand. I'm sure all of us have at one time or another have pushed a large mound of sand together and called it a sand castle, however it totally pales in comparison to what Sandy and her fellow island artists (called the Sons of the Beaches) have sculpted up and down Padre Island, across the U.S. , Europe and as far away as China! To see some fantastic examples of her work, click on her link at the bottom of the page.

Sandy is also a prolific web page designer and has designed and maintains a large number of the web sites on the island. As you can imagine, her schedule keeps her quite busy so we were quite happy when she called and told us that she would enjoy posing for our web site when our staff was down there on vacation. Web Guy and Camera Guy tried not to talk her ears off about web layout and design and we told Skippy and Moriarty to go find were they buried Ohshee in the sand to keep them out of mischief for a bit (it didn't help). It came down to a whirlwind photo shoot with a race to catch the sunset over the bay. One babe, one outfit, two locations, two swords... total session time, exactly 40 minutes, a new record.  Whew!