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Tryphyna's Tale:
She is a  princess claimed by a king known for killing his wives once they had conceived his child. This was due to a prophecy told to him by an old gypsy that he would be slain by the heir to his throne.  Once she learned that she was with child, she sought out the graves of the king's four previous wives. Their spirits promised to conceal her and gave her four elements of protection in the form of Fire, Poison, Rope and Sword. Tryphyna learned the way of these elements and in time had a son who she passed this knowledge on to and he fulfilled the prophecy and slew his father to become the new and rightful king. The moral to the story... "The Gypsy is always Right!"
Our Tryphyna was more than happy to show us that she knows her way around a sword or two (or three). As for the other three "Elements"... well those are pictures for other web sites.