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TRF 2001

Just north of Houston, Texas, hidden off in the tall pine trees lies one of the best Renaissance Faires we've had the good fortune to attend. On weekends from October to November you can go and enjoy the shops, shows and wonderful food that this fantastic place has to offer. (Our Production Manager also gives their restrooms two thumbs up!) While we were there, we ran into our good friends at the Angel Sword booth and had a chance to stop and chat with Master Daniel. Well it didn't take too long (about 10 minutes) before he already started asking us if we would mind taking pictures of several of the lovely ladies that were gracing his shop. Mind? Who? Us? From there we were off on another photo session out on the shop's balcony with a lovely babe and a variety of blades. We only had nine square feet of space to work in, but we think the results will speak for themselves.