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It's Valentine's 2022!

It's a new year with a new Album set of great new pictures for everyone to enjoy and what better way to start off than with a fun Valentine's Day Album. Please go on over and check out the fun we have in store for you here in 2022!

Happy Holidays from Babes with Blades

It's the Holiday Season for 2021 and the trees are up and decorated and the lights are bright and the swords daggers and spears, too! We would like for you to enjoy this little Holiday gift from us of 15 beautiful models. Click on over and have... read more

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It's that wonderful time of year again when everyone gets to enjoy the season of scary fun. This year we have twelve wonderful treats for you with some sharp bladed Eye-Candy. So sit back, grab a Snickers bar and enjoy our Boo-tiful Halloween... read more

Jungle Love!

Earlier this year (before our system crash) we added a little something fun to our valentines set and let our models take a walk on the wild side with a set we called Jungle Love. Here now we finally get a chance to post these fun shots for you and... read more

We. Are. Back!

Yes folks, the Babes with Blades web site is back up in action! After a programming issue at the beginning of the year AND a system crash at our Studio that took out our main computer as well as all of our 2021 files and their backups, too we are... read more