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Posts From May, 2013

Destiny has her own Album!

Yes, Destiny, that darling minx who has graced many of our themed sets like Halloween & the Holiday pages now has her first, but not last very own album set. Why did it take us so long to post these? We don't know either, just click her link... read more

Ren Faire Babes are Back!

Well we were out at this year's Scarborough Faire here in Texas miding our own business when we got a call from the Angel Sword booth saying a Babe wearing a great outfit was wanting her pictures taken. We were off like a shot and in only minutes ... read more

Nekata's got her own page

She's usually quite busy and has only been able to shoot some of our Themed Sets this past year or so, but we finnly got around to getting some great shots with her and now have them for you. I think you'll agree she was worth the wait!