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Posts From October, 2010

Halloween is up!

Decided to try a little something different this time. Since we've got loads of pictures for this year's Halloween set we're dividing them up into three separate sets, the Costume Contest, French Maids gone Wild and another visitation from the... read more

IT'S DONE!!! (well, almost)

OK, pardon me for shouting, but I've just finished uploading thousands and thousands of pictures from the last 10 years we've been running this web site. I wish this could have just been as simple as point-click-drag-drop-done... but noooo. I had ... read more

One more to go!

All the old pages are now loaded except for three holidays in 2008. After we get those uploaded I need to work on getting several more Models up on the main model page for 2010 and also start getting the Halloween layout set up. The goal is to... read more

2007 done and one more to go

Well we just finished loading all the pictures from 2007 up. I'd forgotten just how many hundreds we had done for the Christmas shoot alone! Now we need to get to work on getting 2008 loaded (about 1100 pictures!) and we'll be caught up and ready ... read more