Wednesday, July 3, 2013 11:36:00 PM

"The Flame that burns twice as bright, burns only half as long." That's a quote from a Chinese philosopher from the 6th century and it describes Summer perfectly. We first met her in 2003 at Scarborough Ren Faire and asked her to pose for us at the Angel Sword booth. We then had the very good fortune to meet up with her again at the Faire in 2006 for another set with Angel Sword. Several years later when she was with Empire Leather we did several shoots with her and her girls in some awesome leather creations and then the following year we had to great fortune to be asked by her to do several sets with her stage group who danced for hard rock groups that she called the Wicked Angels. We always had hoped to get in a personal studio shoot for our Babes with Blades site, but lost contact with her when her business began to skyrocket in the entertainment world. Sadly, we learned this past week that she has passed on to dance on that big stage called Eternity, but we know that she's still putting smiles on the faces of the lucky ones that are now watching her dance. Summer, thanks for the smiles and laughter.

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